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Alaska Airlines make boy going blind wish come true

  • Written by George Sensalis

When 9-year-old Ben Pierce learned he is going blind he rushed to make a wish list of places he wanted to visit before losing his sight.


Thanks to friends and supporters Ben and his family travelled to most places on his wish list. He has had the opportunity of seeing the Grand Canyon, New York, Harry Potter World in Orlando and many more places.


Alaska Airlines pilot Chris Cice decided to do his part as soon as he learned of Ben’s story. He took the boy’s dream destination, to see the Northern Lights, to the airline to find the way to make Ben’s wish come true. Soon after, Chris was on a plane to Texas to give Ben the good news.



Last September, Ben’s top wish became reality thanks to Alaska Airlines. Ben travelled with his parents and five siblings to Alaska where, in the middle of the night, he experienced one of nature's greatest wonders, the Northern Lights.


"It was really pretty," Ben said. "And there were a lot of colours, except no red or blue. And you could see the mountains and the Big Dipper. And there was hot cocoa."


Seventh largest US airline in passenger traffic, Alaska Airlines has a consolidated record of helping charities raise money and grant special wishes to children.




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